Strike Fighters 2 Europe Campaign Background

1962 Operation Red Thunder

On October 26, 1962, Soviet Premier Khrushchev and U.S. President Kennedy fail to resolve Cuban Missile Crisis diplomatically, and the conflict escalates as the U.S. Navy ships sink Soviet freighters suspected of carrying the nuclear missiles to Cuba.

In response, Soviet Army launches massive assault into West Germany. NATO forces, already on highest alert, are ordered to defend Europe at all cost.

1968 Operation Red Hammer

August 21, 1968. Soviet Army invades Czechoslovakia to prevent reformist elements from taking control of the country.

When the western nations do nothing to challenge the take-over, General Secretary Brezhnev is encouraged to expand Soviet sphere of influence further west. His next stop, liberate West Germany and unite two Germanys under a single Soviet-style communist government. NATO forces scramble to defend Europe.

1979 Operation Red Lightning

September 18, 1979. With the Western civilization seemingly in decline and Communist ideals spreading around the globe, General Secretary Brezhnev decides the time is ripe to extend Soviet hegemony to the rest of Europe.

Assured by military commanders of success against the U.S. forces still suffering the effects of Vietnam War and Watergate, he orders the Warsaw Pact forces to liberate West Germany. NATO forces scramble to defend Europe.

Strike Fighters 2 Expansion Pack 2 Campaign Background

1956 Operation Red Tide

November 17, 1956, a week after the Hungarian revolution is brutally crushed by the Soviet Army without any intervention from the West, Soviet forces began their next move, the invasion of West Germany.

General Secretary Khrushchev, calling West Berlin a "malignant tumor", wants a lasting solution to the problem of divided Germany. Encouraged by the success in Hungary and believing that Western nations are unwilling to risk any military involvement due to the on-going crisis in the Middle East, he decide to apply military solution to the problem and unite the two Germanys under a single Soviet-style communist government. NATO forces scramble to defend Europe.